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John Zinn, adjunct professor of liberal arts and director of enrollment management and strategic engagement, shares results from SPCS student surveys in a recent contribution<https://blog.richmond.edu/pedagogy/experiential-learning-thinking-and-doing-outside-of-the-box/> to the SPCS Pedagogy CoP blog highlighting our students’ desire for and experience of experiential, hands-on learning in SPCS classrooms.

The gap between what SPCS students would like to see, and what SPCS students actually experience, as it relates to experiential learning is immediately apparent. For example, in the 2018 results, 24% of student respondents would like to see experiential learning in the classroom, but only 7% of respondents report actually experiencing hands-on learning in the classroom. And 7% is the highest percentage since 2010 of respondents who report experiencing hands-on learning in the classroom.

John turns from research to resources with this following statement: “Research is increasingly supporting the preferences of our students by highlighting the various benefits of active learning.  When students are engaged in the process, attention, enthusiasm, and retention can all improve. Through active learning, they are ‘alive’ and present in the moment.” Following this, John offers a number of resources from Learn Through Experience, Cathy N. Davidson, Vanderbilt University, UT-Knoxville, Yale, and a TEDtalk.

How do you use experiential learning in your classroom? Would you be interested in learning more? How do you build hands-on, experiential learning in an HR class? A paralegal studies class? An English class? Join the conversation!

And if you’d like to contribute to the CoP blog, please let me know.


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