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Great update, Kate. Thanks for sharing! FYI, within the CTLT, in addition to my administrative duties, I am the “liaison” for SPCS faculty as well. In past years prior to my arrival, it seemed as if that duty was spread around various members of the CTLT. I also think support of full-time faculty was also a priority back then as well. I wanted to change that.

As I’ve taught adult learners for years and have taught in higher ed (as adjunct for a good portion of it) most of my career, I decided to take on being the primary CTLT contact for all SPCS faculty. Of course, SPCS faculty can contact any member of the CTLT if they choose, but we try to divvy up responsibilities so that no one team member is overwhelmed.

If there is interest from the committee on details of the support I’ve provided SPCS during my 3 years at UR, I’d be happy to share that info.


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Good morning, Daniel and CoP group –

Yes, thank you Daniel for sending out this call.  Here is a quick update on process and progress:

The TSI committee held its first meeting last Friday.  We meet again today at noon.  After today’s meeting, I will send an email to the full SPCS faculty (full-time and adjunct) reiterating the request to complete the survey and consider joining a focus group discussion.  (The survey asks if respondents would like to join a focus group, so we want people to consider that before they log in, if possible.)

We are very much committed to having the voice of all faculty heard through this process.

I have asked Daniel, Roger, David, John, and Lionel to help me gather information on existing structures for SPCS faculty (teaching and scholarship).   We will use this information to create an asset map.  We are looking at the existing structures for all faculty – full-time and adjunct.   Each committee member is reaching out to his/her respective school to get a sense of what faculty development measures are already in place, in terms of teaching and scholarship.  The committee will compile results from the five schools and university wide entities such as CCE, the library, CTLT, etc.   I will share our efforts with the full faculty and then the faculty will have a chance to review and add to or refine the lists.

If you can, please reply all and send me items for our SPCS asset map regarding  what currently exists in SPCS that supports faculty development for teaching and scholarship.   (We don’t need in-depth descriptions - title and brief explanation will be just fine.)

I have the items listed on the SPCS adjunct faculty webpage, including SPCS adjunct faculty certificate course and the short online course JZ set up for summer school.

This is a quick email – not as developed as I would like - but I am heading to the meeting now and wanted to put this idea out to you.  Will chime in with more later.


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Apologies for cross-postings.


I’m sharing this with a two-fold purpose: First, to encourage you to complete the Teaching and Scholarship Initiative Survey<https://richmond.ca1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_3JW1DGKnEZ87D81> to ensure that SPCS instructor voices are included in the University’s new Teaching and Scholarship Initiative; Second, to encourage you to share additional thoughts and ideas with Kate Cassada<mailto:kcassada at richmond.edu>, our SPCS representative on the Teaching and Scholarship committee.

In an earlier message, Sandra introduced the Teaching & Scholarship Initiative. I’ve included the text of that introduction below. Sandra went out of her way at last week’s SPCS Faculty Meeting to assure me that she views SPCS adjunct faculty as part of, not ancillary to, the University faculty. Her perspective is that UR has one faculty, and SPCS adjuncts are among its many members. Her desire to clarify this message, and her willingness to engage with use throughout the SPCS Faculty Meeting, demonstrates a strong commitment to hearing and responding to adjunct voices, and I encourage us to participate in sharing our thoughts and ideas.

I have also chatted with Kate early this week, and she is committed to ensuring that SPCS voices and ideas are deeply interwoven into the work of the Teaching and Scholarship Initiative. As Sandra notes below, the committee will also convene focus groups to gather additional information.

Here’s Sandra’s introductory message from September 10, sent to the AllFaculty-list.

I wanted to let you all know that the work of the Teaching and Scholarship Initiative (TSI) has begun.  For those of you who are not already aware, the TSI is tasked with determining faculty needs in all areas of teaching and scholarship this fall with the goal of proposing a new structure to support faculty that will be launched July 1, 2019.
The committee membership is listed below.
Teaching and Scholarship Initiative Committee Members

  *   Crystal Hoyt (JSLS), Chair
  *   KimMarie McGoldrick (RSB)
  *   Kate Cassada (SPCS)
  *   Tamar Schwartz (Law)
  *   Stephen Long (A&S Division I)
  *   Shannon Jones (A&S Division II)
  *   Mimi Hanaoka (A&S Division III)
  *   Libby Gruner (A&S Division IV)
Please cooperate with the committee’s task of information gathering this semester to the extent you are able.  I would encourage all of you to reach out to your school or divisional representative with specific concerns.


Thanks for your interest in the SPCS Pedagogy CoP, and for engaging in the work of the TSI.


Daniel L. Hocutt, R’92 & G’98
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Community Coordinator,
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Good morning everyone,

Below is a link to a survey as part of our ongoing efforts to solicit feedback on the new Teaching and Scholarship Initiative.  Crystal Hoyt and her committee have developed this short survey to  get initial feedback on your teaching and research needs.


This is one part of the committee’s data collection efforts this semester.  They will later be convening focus groups to gather additional information.
Please take the time to fill out the survey; it will only be open for 10 days. Your input now is vital to informing how this project moves forward.


Sandra F. Joireman, Ph.D.
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Weinstein Chair of International Studies and Professor of Political Science
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