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My first response to both questions below is, "Yes." My first thought,
actually, was a quotation from *Areopagitica*:

"In this one thing I crave leave of the present licencers to be pardon'd
for so thinking: who doubtlesse took this office up, looking on it through
their obedience to the Parlament, whose command perhaps made all things
seem easie and unlaborious to them; but that this short triall hath wearied
them out already, their own expressions and excuses to them who make so
many journeys to sollicit their licence, are testimony anough. Seeing
therefore those who now possesse the imployment, by all evident signs wish
themselves well ridd of it, and that no man of worth, none that is not a
plain unthrift of his own hours is ever likely to succeed them..."


On Mon, Sep 10, 2018 at 10:53 AM Gregory Machacek <
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> How many more misattributions, or half-truths, have people on our list
> noticed, with regard to Milton and related matters? Would it be a public
> service, and help our students, if we could assemble a blacklist and make
> it known? Or would it be a dreary or needless chore?
> John Hale

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