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John Hale john.hale at otago.ac.nz
Sun Sep 9 16:42:39 EDT 2018

I happened to be shown some words ascribed to John Milton: "Gratitude bestows reverence, allowing us to encounter everyday epiphanies" etc.  The sluggish and pompous wording turned out to be a later paraphrase of Satan's words, "A grateful mind by owing owes not etc", the paraphrase purporting to be words of Milton.

On the same day I found a website (aiming to help in word games) recording the longest English words which "have no vowel". It was twyndyllyngs, a Welsh word for "twins". It seems absurd to say that /y/ is not a vowel.

How many more misattributions, or half-truths, have people on our list noticed, with regard to Milton and related matters? Would it be a public service, and help our students, if we could assemble a blacklist and make it known? Or would it be a dreary or needless chore?

John Hale
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