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Thanks so very much. It’s actually quite fun to check out a book to read everything but the printed part.


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My library has the 1967 edition (Texas State University). I'll be happy to help!

Elizabeth Skerpan-Wheeler

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Dear folks,

I am wondering if your campus or local library has a copy of Stanley Fish’s Surprised by Sin: The Reader in Paradise Lost, 1967 or 1971 edition, in English or translation, and if so

  1.  if you would be willing to check it out (or just grab it if the library has a photocopier),
  2.  take a scanned copy (jpeg or pdf but not a phone camera shot) of a particularly marked up couple of pages or a couple of pages you find fascinating because of marginalia, and
  3.  email the scanned copy to me
  4.  along with the name and location (HSSE Library, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN, USA, for example) of the library.

I am curious how individual “the reader”s cooperated in the interpretive communities whose nodal points are specific libraries within a larger system. With hopes…

(I’ll sneak in a good end-of-Eastertide and Passover, and happy days to all.)



Angelica Duran


English, Comparative Literature, Religious Studies (Director, 2009-13)

Purdue University, 500 Oval Drive - Heavilon Hall

West Lafayette, Indiana 47907 U.S.A.

<duran0 at purdue.edu<mailto:duran0 at purdue.edu>>


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