[Milton-L] Very sad news

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Late to the news after a particularly busy week: I join in the collective sadness over our loss of a great and generous scholar. Diane’s work has deeply influenced my own, and I shall never forget sitting beside her at the Beaufort, SC International Milton Symposium, on a swing by the ocean, gently swinging as we talked. While I didn’t get the chance to know her very well in person, I can’t help but associate that context and circumstance with her and think how well it fit the conversation.

Of course, as she and I swung, serene, I was inwardly expressing that graduate student disbelief: I CAN’T BELIEVE I’M SITTING NEXT TO AND TALKING WITH ***DIANE MCCOLLEY***!

Whenever I write or teach about something which her scholarship touched, I still can’t believe it.


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Sad news indeed; her work was an inspiration to me and so many others,

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Thanks for sharing this very Dad news. Diane was a model scholar and a marvelous human being.

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Dear colleagues,

Diane McColley has passed away.

She saved my life. Without her work, friendship, and encouragement I would not be here. I am far from alone in that respect, I know.

My sincere condolences to all her loved ones. I loved her too.

Nothing more I can say at this point.

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