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This is very sad news.  I'll always be grateful to Diane for her work and for the encouragement and support she gave me in the early years of my career.  The first time I gave a paper before a fairly large audience was at Murfreesboro back in the days before there were any concurrent sessions (the whole conference attended all the sessions).  I was nervous, of course, but the paper also included a number of very sad and physically detailed descriptions of obstetric surgery that added a certain extra emotional pressure.  When I was done, I took a deep breath and sat down in the front row, feeling exhausted and a little dizzy.  Then I felt a gentle hand on my shoulder and turned around to see Diane's lovely, wise face.  She just whispered that she could tell that that was hard and that I had carried it off and done justice to the material.  That gesture was as important to me as any of the other more concrete acts of support she later offered.  I've missed her in recent years as age took her out of our collective conversations, and I'll miss her even more now that she's gone.

Condolences and best wishes to her family.  Her name and memory will remain a blessing.


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Dear colleagues,

Diane McColley has passed away.

She saved my life. Without her work, friendship, and encouragement I would not be here. I am far from alone in that respect, I know.

My sincere condolences to all her loved ones. I loved her too.

Nothing more I can say at this point.

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