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Yes, congratulation to everyone involved!  I’m looking forward to reading this soon!


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Bravissimo/Bravissima to all concerned!


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In several weeks Cambridge University Press will publish Immortality and the Body in the Age of Milton.  For those interested, we have attached a flyer with a discount code.

Steve Fallon and John Rumrich


Introduction, John Rumrich and Stephen M. Fallon

1. “The Enfolded Sublime of Incarnate Immortality,” Gardner Campbell

2. “Milton’s “Lycidas,” or Edward King’s Two Bodies,” James Nohrnberg

3. “Narcissus in the Boudoir: Aretino’s Petrarchan Postures,” Gordon Braden

4. “John Bunyan in Bed: Carnality and Creativity,” Vera Camden

5. “Milton’s Beautiful Body,” Gregory Chaplin

6. “The Fortunate/Unfortunate Fall and Two Varieties of Immortality in Paradise Lost,”

           Stephen M. Fallon

7. “Francis Bacon’s Political Theology of Miracles,” Gregory Foran

8. “Flesh made Word: Pneumatology and Miltonic Textuality,” John Rumrich

9. “Milton Beyond Iconoclasm,” David A. Harper

10. “Hester Pulter's Brave New Worlds,” Louisa Hall

11.  “Death-Weddings or Living Books: Cavendish Rewriting Donne,” Dustin Stewart

12. “Paradise Lost and the Creation of Mormon Theology,” John Rogers

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