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If I may add to that C. S. Lewis’s “The Turn of the Tide” which describes the historical impact of the Nativity on the universe.  A beautiful poem, well crafted, it is one of Lewis’s powerful poems. It easily compares with Milton’s Nativity Ode. In fact it was influenced by it. There’s also Lewis’s “The Nativity” which describes the speaker’s relationship to Christ.




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Dear Jeremy,


I am away from campus so I cannot check the attachment against the originals – I know I corrected some typos. But here is what I have students read along with Milton’s “On the Morning.” Best wishes for a great course.







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Dear Nancy Charlton and others on the list (if I may be so bold), 


Because you brought up Milton's so-called Nativity Ode in the context of other Christmas poems, I thought it might be okay to ask a related question. Do you have a list of "all the Christmas poetry up through the 18th century" and even beyond? I am scheduled to teach a course on Milton next fall, and I'm interested in other Christmas poems to put in conversation with Milton's ode. Thank you.


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