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Dear Miltonists:

I've just finished putting together an online 400/5000 level Milton course.
I've found quite a few very good online resources, including (but not
limited to) John Rogers's lecture series for Yale Open Campus and lectures
by Dennis Danielson and others for Lanier Theological Seminary. There are a
number of Handel's adaptations of Milton on YouTube as well. Needless to
say, the Milton Reading Room is already a big part of the course,
especially its introductory material. I have assigned Kerrigan, Rumrich,
and Fallon's *Complete Poetry and Essential Prose *as the main textbook,
but I also use the Milton Reading Room alongside it.

While the course is quite robust, I'm looking for more open access
resources, especially additional online material about texts other
than *Paradise
Lost*. *Paradise Lost *is central to the course in many ways, but at the
same time, it's also the best supported with available material, especially
in terms of Blake's art, Dore's art, Handel's music, etc. Additional
*PL *resources
would be appreciated, but supplements to his other texts especially so, as
they tend to be more rare.

You can post them to the list by replying to this message or email them
privately to me at jamesrovira at gmail.com.

Thanks very much,

Jim R

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