[Milton-L] Appropriation of Areopagitica

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Thu Aug 2 22:18:48 EDT 2018

I think we should keep in mind that the topic came up because of its
connection to Milton, who was consummately political in ways that still
(obviously) matter today. I think the question of what Milton might think
about gun control with knowledge of our current kinds of guns and what has
been done with them is an interesting one. If we apply his principles of
freedom of speech and of the press in *Areopagitica* to gun control, he
would want the issue subject to vigorous debate in public, and he wouldn't
think twice about banning guns, or any kind of guns, if that was the
conclusion that our reason and morality led to -- just as he was willing to
burn books after they've been read and discussed if they were unlicensed
and the authors were not identified, but the books themselves were found to
be "mischievous":

"And as for regulating the Presse, let no man think to have the honour of
advising ye better then your selves have done in that Order publisht next
before this, that no book be Printed, unlesse the Printers and the Authors
name, or at least the Printers be register'd. Those which otherwise come
forth, if they be found mischievous and libellous, the fire and the
executioner will be the timeliest and the most effectuall remedy, that mans
prevention can use."

If I offended you by pointing out fault for the murderous, profit-driven,
inhumane and criminal stance of the GOP on gun control, you have a problem.

I've had my say about the topic, though.

Jim R
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