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I think that's a good response to the situation, Brendan, from the point of
view of a Miltonist. I think it might be a bit much for a person who wants
to freely disseminate the plans to 3-D print a lethal weapon to process, or
at the least, probably beyond his interests. I think a further problem is
that the situation isn't limited to just him: anyone with a 3D printer and
the desire can conceivably figure it out. We need gun legislation that will
restrict such uses of 3D printing, period, especially since these weapons
can likely slip past metal detectors. And if we accept that, we have to
face the fact that the party that controls all three branches of government
is currently unwilling to support any responsible, pro-life gun legislation
even in the face of repeated mass shootings.

So the question then becomes, "How long are voters going to continue
supporting them?"

I think the public response to the misreading of Milton was a good one. So
now I'm asking, who are we going to vote for next year?

Jim R

On Thu, Aug 2, 2018 at 8:45 PM, Brendan Prawdzik <brendanprawdzik at gmail.com>

> All, the appropriation of Milton for misguided causes might prompt a
> pause.
> I think that you agree that the application of Milton's 1644 tract to a
> 2018 gun-rights discussion based on a first amendment ratified in 1789 is
> deeply problematic, esp. given that the current "gun" debate involves
> weapons of mass murder unimaginable in 1644 (when the trebuchet was in wide
> use).
> But the event might encourage us to consider that the Milton of 1667 might
> well have disagreed with the Milton of 1644: that there are aspects and
> arguments in Areopagitica that the Milton of Paradise Lost (1667) and,
> especially, of Paradise Regained and of Samson Agonistes (1671), would find
> no longer viable.
> Well wishes,  Brendan
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