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Hi All,

I'd appreciate collective thoughts about Satan's claim in Book 4 that he did not pay-refused to pay-the "debt of gratitude." If we assume that Satan is in error here, which of the two following forms does his error take (or is there some third that I'm not thinking of)?:

1) he's correct that he owed God a debt-i.e., the duty to render thanks-but he's failing to acquit that debt by "paying" thanks and praise
2) he's fundamentally mistaken to think of that relationship as a debt in the first place-i.e., that worship/submission/praise are spontaneous and voluntary acts and thus cannot be said to be obligatory forms of duty.

Underlying this question is the larger one of to what degree Milton thought that created beings such as angels owed God worship as a kind of duty.



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Special context.  But I really am bowing out of this -- unless we get back to Mr. Milton.

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Ha. See? In Carol's context, that's a suicide wish. Or a commentary on marriage. Maybe both.

Jim R

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Her husband slowly dying of hypernatremia, his poor wife knelt at his bedside and whispered, "Please . . . pass the salt."
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