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I don't know, Roy.  You say it's a problem, but your Siri mediated message
strikes me as a model of clarity and point.

One thing, given the scenario you describe, Bentley would have had to come
up with a different or at least modified pretext for altering the text of
Milton's epic, unless he had been willing to ascribe a persistently
malignant agency to an autocorrect function.


On Mon, Sep 4, 2017 at 1:27 AM, Roy Flannagan <royflannagan at gmail.com>

> What if blind Milton had had an iPhone and Siri?
> I'm being more than half serious now, partly because I have glaucoma and
> partly because I have a love-hate relationship for dictating with Siri, as
> I am doing right now.
> Milton would have some of the same problems that I do, and he would still
> have needed amanuenses or his daughters to take dictation, perhaps in the
> middle of the night. Mainly, he would have to correct after Siri had
> auto-corrected his poetry. I can imagine a witty poet writing an essay
> about Milton's great argument with Siri from sentence to sentence. We all
> might try this reading our favorite passage into the iPhone or other device
> and seeing what corrections it makes. This will obviously be very funny.
> Thank God Milton could not see emoji's!
> May I introduce the subject as one that we might take seriously?
> Best wishes to all, especially Steve Fallon, who has an argument with auto
> correct,
> Roy
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