[Milton-L] Milton-L Digest, Vol 130, Issue 8

Roy Flannagan royflannagan at gmail.com
Sun Sep 3 19:27:31 EDT 2017

What if blind Milton had had an iPhone and Siri?

I'm being more than half serious now, partly because I have glaucoma and partly because I have a love-hate relationship for dictating with Siri, as I am doing right now.

Milton would have some of the same problems that I do, and he would still have needed amanuenses or his daughters to take dictation, perhaps in the middle of the night. Mainly, he would have to correct after Siri had auto-corrected his poetry. I can imagine a witty poet writing an essay about Milton's great argument with Siri from sentence to sentence. We all might try this reading our favorite passage into the iPhone or other device and seeing what corrections it makes. This will obviously be very funny. Thank God Milton could not see emoji's!

May I introduce the subject as one that we might take seriously?

Best wishes to all, especially Steve Fallon, who has an argument with auto correct,


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