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Esther van Raamsdonk esthervanraamsdonk at gmail.com
Sat Nov 4 17:35:13 EDT 2017

Dear All,

I can do little but second Ryan Paul's eloquent statement on the current
trolling this mailing list is experiencing. Though not a frequent
contributor to the debates, I have followed this list for several years,
enjoying the earnestness and insight of its members. This resource now
feels under threat.

Terrance Lindall's deliberately disruptive interjections seem to pose the
puzzle of where the limits of free speech lie, but perhaps it is best to
think that free speech is a right for all, but no platform is. When a
speaker is seeking not to continue debate but to shut it down by spoiling,
they do not deserve an audience.

It may be a sad day to admit that silencing voices to preserve our
community is necessary, but Terrance Lindall is no Salmasius to be tackled
with reason - he is a Vlacq stirring up noise for his own grubby publicity.

Given that usual codes of conduct for academic debate are being flouted -
not to mention the offensiveness of many of Terrance Lindall's expressed
views - for the sake of preserving a valuable intellectual tool I would
support removing him from the list. His views are his own, but we need not
facilitate them.

I hope that the traditions of debate and scholarship of this list will
continue for many years, despite all challenges, and thank you all for your
contributions to my understanding of Milton and his work.

Dr Esther van Raamsdonk

University of Exeter
English Department
Academia.edu profile <https://exeter.academia.edu/EsthervanRaamsdonk>
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