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So I updated the document and added the comments of Hannibal, Salwa,
Staines and Watts. I want to thank you all for the material!

I also added my opinion as an afterword. And I posted the painting to
Pinterest and bought a two page ad in Fine Books and Collections. Gee, I
hope your fragile students never get to see it. You "brilliant" great White
Father professors need to protect your plantation of minority students. My
own opinion is that they do not need your protection, they are quite able
to stand up for themselves. They should exercise their intellectual skills
in the open contest of ideas. Yes, Hannibal, you handled it "decisively!"

Also, none of you expressed any sympathy for my being beaten unconscious on
my doorstep. You only seem to care about the feelings of minorities. You
probably sympathize that they were not able to kill me outright. Coddle,
coddle! Tsk. Tsk.

"We are all as God made us...and many of us much worse!" from Tom Jones, I
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