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Terrance Lindall tlindall at gmail.com
Thu Nov 2 13:23:35 EDT 2017

Logic is not the issue. You would not understand that. It is a matter of
correct use of language.

Explanation maybe:

I do use Wiki a lot. Maybe that's "appropriation" as per my post.  So sue
me! It is not copyrighted. In some cases I wrote the initial articles, such
as the one for Glamis Castle or Dr. Arno or Robert Wickenheiser on Wiki.
All I am doing here on this list is providing information on a subject to
you and not publishing for reputation or commercial purposes like you. You
are the ones we have to watch more carefully. Your reputation rises and
falls on what you pump out, so better not do anything that is not ENTIRELY

History will judge all of us. I do not need to make money, and I have great
collections. I am happy with that.

All of you have appropriated the English language in some fashion. Every
time you use a word or expression it is an act of appropriation. When you
quote Milton you are appropriating his words for your perceived benefit. So
stop quoting him or writing about him. You are appropriating his reputation
for your benefit...a sin for sure.

 Today, if you are a white person and try to open a Taco restaurant and are
not Mexican you are attacked for appropriating culture (that was in the
news). White kids cannot go out on Halloween in an ethnic costume without
worrying about being criticized for appropriating culture. Contrarily, the
English LOVE to have their language appropriated. Ain't that curious? Not
really. World rule requires a common language. It may be Chinese when the
Progressives destroy the West.

>From the point of view of the Liberal Progressive Stalinist,  if you are
teaching English or Milton and are not directly descended from the English,
you should be fired. You are appropriating the cultural asset of the
English. If you are an honorable Progressive, PLEASE STOP TEACHING IT. I
think that  a lot of you might do just as well teaching Karl Marx or the
virtues of Stalin. Or maybe do a class on "The Problem of Lindallism." I
can provide the study material.

"All stripes and colors!" Is that a virtue of your Progressive "diversity?"
I do not necessarily believe that diversity is a virtue. Diversity of
values leads to conflict. Look around the world...conflict! Seeing is
believing, no logic required. Even Plato knew that Democracies will
eventually tear themselves apart. But fortunately we do not have a pure
democracy or we would have "perished from the earth" long ago. Oh my God, I
stole from Lincoln now! Damn me damn me!

Love your hatred of me. Keep it up.

I think you should put in a request to bounce me from the list for
plagiarism of appropriating Wiki!

Best. Terrance
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