[Milton-L] Cultural Appropriation and Reverse Appropriation: The English Language in the Development of Civilization

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Wed Nov 1 15:34:28 EDT 2017

See here:

Sunday I was delighted to entertain a young lady from Turkey studying
Milton at NYU. She was interviewing me for a paper. She identified herself
as a "millennial." Her heritage is Muslim although she is not religious. We
talked about the racial and the religious divides and the future of
humanity. I got a good look at how this millennial at least sees the
problems and opportunities of society...all couched in discussion of
Milton's Satan and that authoritarian God (comparing both to Trump),
knowledge and the rest. Certainly not an SJW of the generation X that wants
to burn and churn Western Civilization variety...much more contemplative
and philosophical. I am hopeful after talking to her.

So since there is a lot of angst out there about the horror and sin of
cultural appropriation, here is my short take:

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