[Milton-L] thoughts about plagiarism on Milton list?

Brendan Prawdzik brendanprawdzik at gmail.com
Wed Nov 1 13:56:50 EDT 2017

Dear list,

I wonder what some of you think about posts on the Milton list that include
willfully plagiarized content?

Certainly, we cannot point to *Areopagitica* as a defense of plagiarism,
right?  After all, Milton urged that books should not be licensed but
should be open to public opprobrium, if need be.

So, even if Terrance Lindall's bizarre desire to insult Miltonists --
please remember, too, that we are of many stripes and colors -- is
permissible, even if pointless and expressive of some ludic indignance, is
a problem with sending quotations plagiarized from Wikipedia and elsewhere,
as in his most recent post?

Perhaps such lapse of ethics and professionalism, for which I would fail a
student in a heartbeat, is some sign of the deterioration of our
discipline, particularly through the degeneracy of our curriculum and canon?


Dr. Brendan Prawdzik

BA Rutgers University, 2001
PhD The University of California, Berkeley, 2009
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