[Milton-L] The Scalpel!

James Rovira jamesrovira at gmail.com
Thu Feb 9 15:38:41 EST 2017

I don't think identity politics is at all the issue in the decline of the
humanities. It doesn't matter if we're reading/teaching Milton,
Shakespeare, or Toni Morrison -- the study itself is less and less valued.
I would attribute this decline to a great deal of anxiety over
employability, a considerable amount of ignorance about how the humanities
as a whole contributes to the workforce, and the confusion of university
education for vocational education -- which is understandable as many of
our most popular degree programs are essentially vocational in nature
(Business, Law, Criminal Justice, some areas of Communication and
Psychology, etc.).

I'm curious if anyone has any insight into the president over DP and his
views of higher ed and the humanities? I would think any appeal to the
academic reputation of the university would carry some weight.

Jim R
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