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My friend Bob Wickenheiser, as a university president, was one of the
greatest fundraisers. I was lucky to receive from him highly detailed
advice on how to ask for money.  He saved two universities from insolvency.
At St Bonaventure University instead of CUTTING programs he implemented a
new core curriculum and expanded its University of Ministries, among other
achievements, such as building a new art center. So when I look at Duquesne
University Press being dissolved, I realize that this is just the wrong

I sent a message to the Milton Lists recently quoting Malcom Muggeridge
describing Western Tradition as creature with scalpel that through self
infliction has become “--a weary, battered old brontosaurus…” soon to be
extinct. It is the scalpel of the university and museum administrators who
wish to preserve what is left of a scavengered corpse of Western culture.
Bob Wickenheiser, the great Milton scholar and collector would not have
done that! There are too few administrators like Bob Wickenheiser. He knew
that like a shark, if you do not move forward, you sink to the bottom and
die. Muggeridge also said “only dead fish swim with the stream.” Today the
stream is flowing in the direction of program cuts because there is no one
from the world of academia to call our public to the ramparts. It takes a
lot of work and it is too easy just to collect your salary and keep quiet.

There is a tendency in education today to gratify the public by revering
the writings and histories of the bruised and battered who are very
populous among us in this welcoming and democratic society and who were
left behind in building the great Western Tradition.  The Greeks had their
wars, the Romans too, but they did not start crying about they pain they
inflicted and give their civilizations back over to the peoples they had
assimilated or devoured. Instead they preserved and passed on their great
achievements. Western culture has been carefully and sometimes brutally
built up over thousands of year to make a great civilization. Now there
seems to be a tendency to cut away the brutal old “white privileged” world
and introduce the revered “new” from the values of the formerly downtrodden.
Yet, if yesterday’s great writings and the art of the past and the art
those who are dead are not relevant for those who live today, then the art
& literature produced today will not be relevant to those who live
tomorrow.  “Not today and not tomorrow,” nothing is of lasting value. It is
a throw away world.”

Brutal, ain't it?!!! But cutting Duquesne Press is the sin! If the press
goes, more of the vivisection will transpire and soon we will read about
Duquesne being used to house and educate refugees or members of Islamic
State who have supposedly recanted.

So, where will we stop cutting after Duquesne? We will see! As for me, I
will swim upstream.
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