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Sara van den Berg vandens at slu.edu
Sat Feb 4 11:31:50 EST 2017

The message that Greg Barnhisel sent to SHARP, and that Hannibal forwarded
to this list, suggests a letter to the President, with his Assistant's
email.  I did so, and copied Greg.  He replied that he was grateful to have
a copy.  I believe he and the English faculty are mounting a protest.

Sara van den Berg

On Sat, Feb 4, 2017 at 9:58 AM, Carol Barton, Ph.D., CPCM <
cbartonphd1 at verizon.net> wrote:

> Well, in fairness, I think James Watt is on the right track: shutting the
> press down entirely without first allowing it the opportunity to rethink
> some of its business practices (sort of a Chapter 11 reorganization, if you
> will) seems a bit pre-emptive and drastic (unless they’ve already tried
> that, and DUP has refused to streamline/economize). Some things we do *pro
> bono—*as in, publish books with little sex, violence, or political
> controversy, just for the sake of whatever they add to humanity’s quest for
> Truth and Knowledge, and surely an old and distinguished university like
> Duquesne can afford a little eleemosynary activity, n’est-ce pas? AL was
> the consummate diplomat, rest his good soul; maybe whoever replaced him
> (and I don’t pretend to know) is a little more abrasive, and has stepped on
> the delicate toes of someone in a position of power—who knows?
> I would imagine that letters to the university president, the Pittsburgh
> newspapers, and whomever else is appropriate, indicating how much scholars
> value an institution like DUP, and how much good work it has done to
> encourage young researchers to contribute to academe, would help. But I do
> think James is right—we need a little more insight into what’s actually
> going on there, who instigated it, and why, to make the letters substantive.
> Best to all,
> Carol Barton
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