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Sat Feb 4 10:58:09 EST 2017

Well, in fairness, I think James Watt is on the right track: shutting the press down entirely without first allowing it the opportunity to rethink some of its business practices (sort of a Chapter 11 reorganization, if you will) seems a bit pre-emptive and drastic (unless they’ve already tried that, and DUP has refused to streamline/economize). Some things we do pro bono—as in, publish books with little sex, violence, or political controversy, just for the sake of whatever they add to humanity’s quest for Truth and Knowledge, and surely an old and distinguished university like Duquesne can afford a little eleemosynary activity, n’est-ce pas? AL was the consummate diplomat, rest his good soul; maybe whoever replaced him (and I don’t pretend to know) is a little more abrasive, and has stepped on the delicate toes of someone in a position of power—who knows?

I would imagine that letters to the university president, the Pittsburgh newspapers, and whomever else is appropriate, indicating how much scholars value an institution like DUP, and how much good work it has done to encourage young researchers to contribute to academe, would help. But I do think James is right—we need a little more insight into what’s actually going on there, who instigated it, and why, to make the letters substantive.

Best to all,

Carol Barton

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