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University of Toronto Quarterly - Volume 86, Number 1 (Winter 2017) 




Mediation Matters: Archetypes of Transference

Graham Nicol Forst

This interdisciplinary article examines how cultural archetypes reflect the
universal human desire to heal the trauma of the Fall. These archetypes are
explored here as they appear in politics, aesthetic philosophy, literature
(particularly drama), opera, and religion. The main archetypes examined are
those of the "gap" (the abyss between natural and spiritual man opened at
the Fall) and the "bridge" (the means by which man attempts to span this
"gap"). The central focus is on Western philosophy and literary and opera



Northrop Frye and R.S. Crane

Robert D. Denham

This article explores the relationship between Northrop Frye and R.S. Crane,
a connection resulting from their several contacts with each other in the
1950s, before the publication of Anatomy of Criticism. Frye was influenced
by the neo-Aristotelian Crane, sometimes obliquely, and Crane was aware of
the theoretical power of Frye as it had begun to emerge from four essays he
had published in the Kenyon Review and the University of Toronto Quarterly.
This article looks at what resulted from these two critics having rubbed up
against each other.



Malcolm Lowry's Under the Volcano and the Drunken Discourse of Literary

Jonathan Butler

Malcolm Lowry's 1947 novel, Under the Volcano, is a lyrically sublime
fictional encapsulation of existential nightmares endured in a critical
period of world history. While the existential element of the novel might
well be downplayed in the decades following postmodernism's ascendancy in
prescribing interpretive paradigms for fiction, this article proposes to
explore further the existential model, if not as a wholly defensible
interpretive strategy, then at least as a motif worth dwelling on and
reading alongside (or against) a metarhetorical model more in keeping with a
postmodern sensibility in order to see what insights might be generated to
illuminate both the novel and Lowry's notoriously un-sober working life as a
writer. The novel is thus read as an exemplary instance of what could be
called drunken literary solipsism or, more elegantly, an exemplary instance
of alcoholically transfigured "pure persuasion," to borrow a term from
Kenneth Burke.



The New Bhadramahila and the Reformed Bhadralok: Reconfiguration of Gender
Relations in Rabindranath Tagore's "The Wife's Letter" ("Streer Patra") and
The Home and the World (Ghare Baire)

Reshmi Mukherjee

This article is about Rabindranath Tagore's construction of the new
bhadramahila in "The Wife's Letter" (1914) and The Home and the World
(1915). In particular, the arguments focus on the constitution of
"independent" women subjects by three interrelated authorial strategies:
first, the modification of the home to repurpose gender relations; second,
the importance of the "Lotus feet" or charan in the reconstitution of the
new bhadramahila, and, third, the establishment of the benevolent, reformed
bhadralok as the saviour. In conclusion, the article states that even if
Tagore considered "the women's question" in a pragmatic manner, he saw it
more as a social, rather than as a political, problem. Therefore, he could
not liberate the female protagonists completely. Instead, he reconstitutes
the home as a "locus of the unconquered and uncompromised [space] under the
tutelage of the reformed bhadralok and reaffirming women's subordinate
position" (Mitra 247).






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