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Thu Apr 27 07:11:38 EDT 2017

I just posted this on my Facebook timeline. It wouldn't copy the link to
the Guardian article from the BBC, but I'll send it along in another post
in a few minutes.

I have a lot of friends in Africa and Asia who are very curious and
receptive to English poetry, and showed interest in such a group two years
ago just before my account was hacked. If anyone here would like to
participate, understanding the need to be helpful and encouraging to such
folks, and would enjoy a diverse group, please friend me, Nancy B.
Charlton. The B. is all-important. The Doppelgänger who hi jacked me may
still be out there under my name sans B.

Anyway, my post:

"I have read PL many times, including participation in two full length
marathon readings. I think there may be things here on Facebook that would
facilitate such a reading. I'd like a show of hands: would all who would
like to set up a group to do this please reply "Yea" to this message. And
feel free to share it.

"Milton wrote this after having been blind for 20 years. He composed it in
his mind, then dictated to his secretaries. These were mainly his
daughters, but there were others. This partly explains why it reads so well

"This week marks the 350th anniversary of its publication, so it's all the
more fitting to do this. Meanwhile, this article is as good as any I've

Here is the link to the Guardian article:



Nancy Charlton (with or without the B)
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