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Here is the latest iteration of John Milton in Outer Space. It includes
Miltonist Biblical scholar Bienvenido Bones Banez's verses on diversity.
Also the chapters argue why humanity and especially Western civilization is
on the verge of extinction.
You will see why you will all need to get jobs as taxi drivers or flipping
hamburgers at McDonald's in a few years when they eliminate the humanities
as we used to know it. Do not kill the messenger please! Whether you
believe any of the ideas or not, you might be amused.

Book is about 1/4 complete. After that I do the illustrations. Can Milton
"make humanity great again?" We will see!
Read on-line here:

*Table of Contents*

*P 4                 Milton as father of Science Fiction*

*P 5                 Story Synopsis*

*P 6                 Introduction*

*P 7                 Yuko Nii Foundation Credit*

*P 8- 10         Episode One: Nervous Exhaustion  *

*P 11-12        Milton Awakes to a New Life*

*P 13-14        Interlude: The Indian Well of Peter Minuit*

*P 15-17        The Computer Reveals Vast New Realms*

*P 18               In The Air*

*P 19-24        The Curse of Diversity!*
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