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Responding especially to Jim's point:

I'm admittedly an outside observer of these trends, but when the
corporatization of higher education is mentioned, I think of an article by
Stefan Collini (LRB, 24 Oct 2013), in which he concludes:

Future historians, pondering changes in British society from the 1980s
onwards, will struggle to account for the following curious fact. Although
British business enterprises have an extremely mixed record (frequently
posting gigantic losses, mostly failing to match overseas competitors,
scarcely benefiting the weaker groups in society), and although such arm’s
length public institutions as museums and galleries, the BBC and the
universities have by and large a very good record (universally acknowledged
creativity, streets ahead of most of their international peers, positive
forces for human development and social cohesion), nonetheless over the
past three decades politicians have repeatedly attempted to force the
second set of institutions to change so that they more closely resemble the

Although the political and corporate mechanisms are somewhat different, it
certainly seems like the same general impulse is present in US higher ed as



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