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I don't think it's true any longer, John, that academic bureaucracy is
overwhelmingly left or far left. I think the most progressive of them
almost anywhere now are center-left: like Hillary Clinton, the most
progressive are pro-choice neocons. We should keep in mind that boards of
state universities can be political appointees, and they will reflect or at
least be unoffensive to the politics of the governor's office.

I think it's more accurate to say that the academic bureaucracy is
*corporate* rather than left or right. They might be pro-life or pro-choice
corporate, but that's irrelevant to their management of the university or
university systems. It's this corporate model and a corporate mindset that
is killing humanities education at our colleges and universities, even at
private institutions. I think if the whole truth were told this kind of
leadership is noxious to any kind of effective education at all. It guts
support where it's most desperately needed, in the core curriculum, because
it doesn't understand the needs of incoming students.

Fortunately for politicians, it's always politically expedient to blame
teachers and take populist cheap shots at professors. What do those
eggheads know anyhow? They think they're better than us! Keeps people from
looking at the real problems, which involve massive funding cuts, the
failure of K-12 education (more cuts, bad governance), and bloated spending
on administration and sports while the professoriate is being adjunctified.

Good thing people don't mind paying $40K in tuition to have their children
taught by a professor making $2K a class per semester.

Jim R

On Mon, Sep 5, 2016 at 3:19 PM, Savoie, John <jsavoie at siue.edu> wrote:

> Some important truths in what you say Hugh, but the academic bureaucracy
> has been overwhelmingly left and far-left for decades. Even having a
> dedicated course on Milton is thought, however absurdly, by many to be
> stodgy, conservative and reactionary. The enemy of free-thought on campuses
> is hardly right-wing think tanks.
> John Savoie
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