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Wonderful, Nancy!  Thanks.

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Not very Miltonic, or even very literary, but getting lost in a  large wine department can be quite an education. I haven't seen Magnificat for awhile, nor Ruah. But yesterday I happened on I think it was a Chardonnay called Love & Squalor. No Esmeralda, No Holden.

This outdoes my brother-in-law's label, Vercingetoryx. They had a small but excellent winery, and their Pinot Noir is utter ambrosia. However, another wine threatened to sue because their name and their labels were superficiality enough alike to cause confusion. Rather than fight it, my sis et ux said 'Okay, we'll just change it something nobody has ever heard of.' He chose this Gaulish general who tangled with Caesar in one of the Gallic Wars.

Almost literary is a local microbrew, Noble Scot. Pun on Noble Rot, the botrytis that does good things for wine--but this is ale, Scottish ale sporting a formidable Highland steer on the label. Every time I see it I'm reminded of "Our Scots nobles were richt laith to wet thir cork-heild shoon." But the King was drinking the "bluid red wine," not the nut brown ale.

He had perhaps been one of Milton's wild youths, "flown with insolence and wine."

They might have had, in a light moment, that marvel from Montana, Moose Drool!

Moving to the produce section, "the nectarine and curious peach/ into my hands themselves do reach," but unless I'm jamming and juicing and jellying I have to exercise restraint and say "Farewell! Thou art too dear for my possessing!"

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