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As a personal FYI, let me say that these NEH things are terrific. I
participated in Tom Roche's Virgil/Ariosto/Tasso/Spenser extravaganza back
in the 80's (with chunks of Milton dragged in by me and Marshall Grossman);
 and a decade later I took Stephen Murray's cathedral class, Gothic in the
^Ile de France.  Both were both exciting and useful, albeit in wildly
different ways.  So whether it is a topic you work with or a
now-for-something-completely-different or a chance to spend some time in a
great library, these seminars can be invaluable.


On Friday, October 14, 2016, Richard A. Strier <rastrier at uchicago.edu>

> I do not know whether this will be of interest to participants in this
> list, but I thought I would mention that I am offering an NEH seminar for
> College Teachers on *King Lear* this summer at the U of Chicago (July
> 10-28).  Tenured and non-tenured and non-tenure-track instructors (but not
> graduate students) are invited to apply.
> The website, giving the details about the content of the seminar, the
> stipend, eligibility, etc is:
> https://lucian.uchicago.edu/blogs/neh2017lear/
> One does not have to be an official "Shakespearean" to apply.
> Richard Strier
> Sulzberger Distinguished Service Professor Emeritus
> Department of English
> University of Chicago
> 1115 E. 58th St.
> Chicago, IL 60637
> ------------------------------

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