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Having just read a review of Jennifer Wallace’s Digging Up Milton (“Everybody Wants a Piece of Milton,” June 6, 2016, Los Angeles Review of Books), may I respectfully direct any serious Milton scholar who has read or intend to reads that very fictionalized account to my “Ill fare the hands that heaved the stones’: John Milton, A Preliminary Thanatography” in Milton Studies 42 (2003)? 

For one thing, Wallace’s narrator (“Lizzie” Elizabeth Grant) was herself a fiction—and the lay church officials who invaded Milton’s coffin were less “rapacious” than drunk.

There has been quite enough misinformation distributed on the subject through the centuries, and there is a good deal more that I have not yet transformed from notes to the complete thanatography; read Wallace’s book for the fun of it, if you like, but please don’t rely on it as anything more than fiction.

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Carol Barton

Carol Barton, PhD, CPCM

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