[Milton-L] Do witches and devils hold a "Concilio" or "Consiglio"?

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>both Milton and Tasso were imitating Virgil

Oh, yes! Virgil was a must-copy back then, and this trend is much more
obvious in Gerusalemme Conquistata, where most of the 'new entries'
are episodes taken from Virgil or Homer.

In his late years, Tasso discovered his 'calling' as a translator, and
a powerful one at that. His long poem "Il Mondo Creato," of which
International Authors is about to publish the most complete and
accurate English version, is based on Tasso's own Italian translation
(from a Latin translation, not the original Greek text) of the _whole_
text of a work by St Basil the Great, his "Sermons on the Six Days of
And "Il Mondo Creato," that updated Basil's fascinating and
multidisciplinary picture of the universe according to Baroque science
and culture, would inspire Milton in its turn, together with
Gerusalemme Liberata.


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