[Milton-L] Thomas Margetts' translation of Milton's Defensio

Joad Raymond joadraymond at gmail.com
Fri Feb 12 10:56:52 EST 2016

Sorry if this is self-promoting.

Some of you on the list may be interested in my piece in this week's *TLS*
about the earliest English translation of Milton's *Defensio*, by Thomas
Margetts. In the article I show that Margetts was a colleague of Milton's
in the 1650s. It's an interesting translation, but that association may
make it more interesting.

The manuscript translation survives in the Alexander Turnbull Library at
the National Library of New Zealand.

You may also like to see a transcript of the complete manuscript
<http://www.cemmn.net/margetts/> on the website of the Centre for Early
Modern Mapping, News and Networks, at Queen Mary University of London. I
hope some of you may be able to use it in teaching.

Joad Raymond
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