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Roy Flannagan asked me to share this note with the list.

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Elisabeth F
11:20 AM (2 hours ago)

I was reading a forum asking "What is your favorite verse from a poem?" and
someone posted this one from Paradise Lost. I read it a few times and I'm
not sure I understand it, but luckily I know the ideal person to ask! Could
you please explain this part to me? It's intriguing.

"They who neglect and scorn shall never taste;
But hard be hardened, blind be blinded more,
That they may stumble on, and deeper fall."
Roy Flannagan12:10 PM (1 hour ago)
God is talking, "the great Creatour," and He is talking to his Son, not yet
Elisabeth F12:14 PM (1 hour ago)
Interesting! I don't feel quite as stupid for not understanding the original
Roy Flannagan <royflannagan at gmail.com>
12:57 PM (1 hour ago)
to Elisabeth
You are not  stupid at all.  I had to look it up with the help of a
concordance and then check the context.  At least the person who posted it
quoted it accurately.  Some modern editors would have left out that comma
after "scorn" because modern grammar allows it, but very few of them would
capitalize or italicize Conscience, a choice I am proud of.  I spelled
"Creatour" according to the 1674 text: modern editors would use "Creator"
and probably leave the capital letter intact.  Milton editors are an odd


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