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Check out the online Milton Brochure of the Yuko Nii Foundation Milton
Collection here:

Dear Milton's List:

As some of you know, John Dugdale Bradley, Trustee of Milton’s Cottage
Trust, Buckinghamshire England, has been  invited to speak at the Milton
Society of America's annual dinner in Philadelphia on 7th January 2017 to
launch the Paradise Maintain’d Endowment Fund. This aims to raise Permanent
Endowment Funds of $5,000,000 over the next 2 years to sustain Milton’s
Cottage museum, literary garden and its remarkable history. See

John will be at the WAH Center at 135 Broadway Brooklyn, New York on
January 9th at 11 A.M. to meet with Yuko Nii and Terrance Lindall to
discuss where they can mutually take their common interest in the
perpetuation of the Milton Legacy.

I hope many of you will join us at our art center on January 9th,
especially if you attend the Milton Society Dinner in Philadephia, since we
are only an hour away from there. Spend Sunday in NYC where you can visit
the Morgan Library and other notable sights and then come to our art center
for the luncheon on Monday. You can buy a ticket here. 1/2 of the ticket
price is a tax deductible donation.

Some of the Yuko Nii Foundation's Milton collection will be on display on
January 9th for John's visit, and, after a tour of the building, a light
luncheon will be served in the grand reception hall around 12 noon.

25% of all sales thru January 9th of the Yuko Nii Foundation's Milton
related publications, postcards and giclee prints will be donated to The
Milton Cottage Trust.

You can contact me about this here: Terrance: milton at wahcenter.net
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