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I have, John, but I haven’t published it—and yes, the parallels were obvious, even then, though the circumstances and situations were held to be completely different (Mary was openly, demonstrably treasonous, having been involved in a number of thwarted plots to assassinate and depose her cousin Elizabeth.)

Her grandson’s treasonous acts were more of a George W. Bush variety—doing the opposite of what his subjects wanted and needed him to do, depleting their exchequer to please his favorite, appropriating their homes and churches to house his armies, levying outrageous taxes to fund his exploits, and so on.

Sharon Achinstein, Andrew Lacey, and others have written on the subject, too. If you want a comprehensive bibliography, e-mail me privately, and I’ll send it to you.

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When the Commonwealth powers were deciding what to do with Charles I after he had been handed over by the Scots, was there any known reflection on the parallel with Mary Q of Scots? — on the rights and wrongs of regicide, and the good and bad of the outcome? Or did all alike simply take the two situations as unlike, as from this distance we tend to, not having the same degree of belief that history repeats itself?

      Who has written on this as part of the lead-up to january 1649?

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