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Dear Carol,
I don’t have any hypothesis, but I hadn’t thought of anything sinister: I too assume there is no directly political reason but rather related to a cultural circulation – actually between Mexico and Germany (likely via Spain) about which I was unaware. Mostly curiosity because next month I’ll be looking at some holdings at the first library in the Americas, the Biblioteca Palafoxiana in Puebla, Mexico – mostly the last of the three Western European Renaissance grandees Shakespeare, Cervantes, and Milton – and this work is there.

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I don’t think it has any sinister implications, either, Angelica. In the 17th century, there were political reasons for publishing controversial English pamphlets “elsewhere” (or at least pretending to), but by 1827, for a straightforward edition, those reasons wouldn’t obtain. Maybe they wanted a version in English in Germany—or maybe Fleischer knew a publisher in Leipzig who was willing to undertake the job, when publishers in England refused—or maybe the translation was an academic endeavor of some kind.

I am still trying to find out why my Italian great-grandfather apparently met and married a woman in Danzig a few years later than this edition was published, and stayed there long enough for my grandmother and her eldest brother to be born there! I guess such things were not as unusual as we might think.

Best to all,

Carol Barton

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I think you want “Ernst” Fleischer.  It is possible that he published a series of various world authors.  (I am reminded that the French Pleaide editions include numerous English titles.) My googling has brought up a number of hits in German for the name, city, and date that should be easy enough for the online translator to make sense of.  You might also want to check with book historians.


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Dear all,

I am wondering if, on or off list, anyone can tell me or provide me with a reference that explains why the following English-language book would be printed in Leipzig:

John Milton. The Poetical Works of John Milton. Leipsic [Leipzig]: Ernest Fleischer, 1827.

Many thanks.

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