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Dear Jameela,

Just as Leipzig is variously spelled on with this work on WorldCat and elsewhere, it seems so is Ernst/Ernest. Thanks.

You may also have seen that it was published the same year as the edition of the same work (with Todd and Phillips mentioned too) that WorldCat shows as “[London]: [John Murray], [1827].” Lots of simultaneous printings of Milton’s works, like the first edition of Paradise Lost that included the Doré illustrations of 1866, printed in London, New York, and Paris. I just don’t remember seeing a German press in these simultaneous printings in the 19th century.


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I think you want “Ernst” Fleischer.  It is possible that he published a series of various world authors.  (I am reminded that the French Pleaide editions include numerous English titles.) My googling has brought up a number of hits in German for the name, city, and date that should be easy enough for the online translator to make sense of.  You might also want to check with book historians.


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Dear all,

I am wondering if, on or off list, anyone can tell me or provide me with a reference that explains why the following English-language book would be printed in Leipzig:

John Milton. The Poetical Works of John Milton. Leipsic [Leipzig]: Ernest Fleischer, 1827.

Many thanks.

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