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I have a compilation of essays titled Shakespeare in the Theatre: An Anthology of Criticism, ed. By Stanley Wells (OUP, 2000). It includes some criticism of Othello in various 18th and 19th performances. 


But the bibliography in this book includes very helpful sources on Othello such as Matteo, Gino J., Shakespeare’s Othello: the Study and the Stage 1694-1904 (Salzburg, 1974) and several others.


Hope these help.



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Dear scholars,


Given the broad knowledge of this group, I turn to you with a question about Shakespeare. The trusty Riverside Shakespeare (my 1974 copy) and Oxford Companion to Shakespeare (2001) both determine a likely late 1603-04 performance date of Othello. I am wondering, though, what the performance date of Othello was thought to be in 1830s and 1840s Western Europe and the Americas. I’d appreciate hearing from anyone who knows of the or a or many go-to resource(s) that might be helpful. Many thanks.




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