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And we have circled back to Samuel Johnson: "surely no man could have 
fancied that he read "Lycidas" with pleasure, had he not known its 
author." The man was sure of his opinions.

I have very much enjoyed this discussion, even if I am a lurker.--Margie

On 4/14/16 3:14 PM, Bryson, Michael E wrote:
> Without the great works of the end of Milton's life, would we find 
> room for these sonnets on a seventeenth-century English 
> literature syllabus? Would these sonnets have flourished beyond the 
> scholar's gaze (the kind so brilliantly described by Yeats in "The 
> Scholars")? Maybe. But I suspect the odds would have been better for 
> "Lycidas" or "L'Allegro" or "Il Penseroso."
> But such judgments cannot be completely separated from the judge.
> Michael Bryson

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