[Milton-L] Marathon Reading of Paradise Lost

Shannon Reed shannon.reed at gmail.com
Thu Sep 17 15:45:22 EDT 2015

Almost two years ago, I wrote to the list that I wanted to do a marathon
reading of PL, but had only two weeks to arrange it.
I'm getting ready to teach Paradise Lost again in December, and have been
looking back through the archive to find the responses to my initial query.
Paul Yoder, Jameela Lares, Shawn Smith, Angelica Duran, Tim Strzechowski*, *and
Margaret Thickstun (I hope I didn't forget anyone) offered support,
materials, suggestions, and (most of all) encouragement.
Thank you so much.
Last time was such a huge hit on campus (even staff, other students,
administrators, and other faculty came out to read) that I'm doing the
marathon reading again this year, and have made several changes to the plan
based on everyone's good suggestions.

So thank you again--I just wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude
to the list--and to the archive.

Shannon Reed
Cornell College
Mount Vernon IA
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