[Milton-L] Early Modern Education and Milton

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Hi James,

Here are a few sources that have not been mentioned. 

--Ernest Sirluck, Introduction, Volume 2, The Complete Prose Works of John
--Richard DuRocher, Milton Among the Romans:  The Pedagogy and Influence of
Milton’s Latin Curriculum (Pittsburgh:  Duquesne University Press, 2001),
176, n. 2; 
--Timothy Raylor, “New Light on Milton and Hartlib,” Milton Quarterly Vol.
27, Issue 1 (1993), 22.  
--Timothy Raylor, “Milton, the Hartlib Circle, and the Education of the
Aristocracy” in The Oxford Handbook of Milton, eds. Nicholas McDowell and
Nigel Smith (New York:  Oxford University Press, 2009), 394-95.  
-- Barbara Lewalski, “Milton and the Hartlib Circle:  Educational Projects
and Epic Paideia,” in eds. Diana Treviño Benet and Michael Lieb, Literary
Milton: Text, Pretext, Context  (Pittsburgh: Duquesne University Press,

Good luck!
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I'm hoping to get some suggestions for books or articles on Early Modern
education approaches, pedagogy, application, practice, etc.  Particularly
with respect to Milton--for instance, if anyone has written critically about
Milton's stance towards the system of his day--but of course, I would be
thankful for a wide variety of source materials: primary or secondary.
Anything that will shed light upon the curriculum, pedagogical approaches,
daily lessons, and even critical views of early modern approaches would be
very much appreciated. 

Thanks in advance,


James A. Norman
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