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There is also Donald Leman Clark’s John Milton at St. Paul’s School as well. There has, of course, been more recent work on education in the period as well as studies by Miltonists.  I cite some of the older ones in my Milton in the Preaching Arts (2001)—this isn’t a plug as much as my not really having any time to chase down references. See also Linda C. Mitchell, Grammar Wars.

Is Tim Raylor on this list?  He is doing Of Education for the Oxford Milton, but I am sure that he has some other stuff out.

I’ve also got a piece on Milton and the trivium coming out in festschrift for Gordon Campbell.  He has written on both the logic and the grammar.

Too little time, too many suggestions. . . .

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Harris Fletcher's two-volume The Intellectual Development of John Milton is a great place to start if you haven't looked into it already. It will give you a broad overview of educational practices. The book's appendices also contain some primary texts that, to my knowledge, haven't been reprinted since.

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I'm hoping to get some suggestions for books or articles on Early Modern education approaches, pedagogy, application, practice, etc.  Particularly with respect to Milton--for instance, if anyone has written critically about Milton's stance towards the system of his day--but of course, I would be thankful for a wide variety of source materials: primary or secondary.  Anything that will shed light upon the curriculum, pedagogical approaches, daily lessons, and even critical views of early modern approaches would be very much appreciated.

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