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>But don't you think racism was also embedded in the Renaissance . . . ?

Sure. But, in its root, it was no dealing with "universal rules of a
universal nature" (that is Enlightenment insanity), but precisely
with: "We may be fighting you, but we will respect you _if_ you
_concretely_ show you deserve it," e.g. in the field of culture, or in
a battlefield. Chess play. See Cervantes' own biography, in addition
to his masterpiece.

Independently of Islam, one may want to have a look at African
servants and maids as they appear in 16th paintings, especially those
made by Venetian masters. They had been bought as slaves, yeah,
slaves, in the "Christian" city of Venice that was the biggest slave
market then. But, as soon as those black people started to partake in
the Venetian civilization, wealth, fashion, etc., they BECAME noble,
beautiful, etc., precisely as all others. Nothing like 19-20th century
racist pictures.

Going back to Islam, the poems of chivalry were not weekend pastimes
but cultural manifestos (they included everything that currently is
divided among books, essays, plays, movies, exhibitions, . . .). They
perfectly show what society wanted to look like, and the policies to
be adopted.

But this will work only with 'Tancreds' on the one side and
'Arganteses' on the other side. Both sides sharing VALUES -- of which,
blasphemy, conceit, as well as the philosophy of "One Civilization,
One Culture, One Technology, One World Bank" are not in the list.

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