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Very interesting ideas, Dario. But don't you think racism was also embedded
in the Renaissance as reflected in the works of Shakespeare, Tasso and
Milton--considering Tasso's remarks about the Egyptians and Africans in Il
Mondo Creato and Milton's association of Satan with Middle Eastern culture,
and  Shakespeare's reference to Turks, etc.? So it wasn't just respect
towards the Muslims that the 16th and 17th-century Europeans felt. Perhaps
in heroic military epics like Gerusalemme Liberata and others ( I haven't
read GL yet), racism is controlled by the heroic code, on both sides of the
battles,  whicht asks of its heroes to be virtuous and magnanimous regarding
their enemies. 

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Now, maybe, a certain 16th century poem dealing with Paris being besieged by
Muslims could stop appearing so-ooo funny. In the Renaissance, they knew
what all of this meant; and incidentally, the West's approach to Islam, and
vice versa, was less idiot than nowadays. Both sides knew HOW to make war
(not terrorism) AND how to exchange culture meanwhile. They were neighbors,
they were parts of one world, the two sides of the international coin; they
shared values
-- not only oil, weapons, TV.

Modern Europe, and particularly France, should definitely reconsider the
so-called "Enlightenment" attitude according to which "Alright, we will
tolerate you in our countries, but we despise you." In the 16th century, it
was the other way round on both sides, "We may be fighting you, but we will
respect you if you show you deserve it." It was chess play, not drones
piloted from afar against people, like God's fire against Sodom -- political
leaders did not play God then.
That twitting ISIS guy said one truth: "This is only the beginning."

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