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Earlier today this thread prompted me to put the following on my Facebook
page. I realize that it is hardly outstanding historiography, but I wanted
to see what response it would elicit. Not much. One word, from a girl who
happens to be a fellow Milton aficionada: "Interesting."

Today is November 5!

Meaningless to most of the world outside the UK, but vastly significant.

It's Guy Fawkes Day. Guy was an English Papist (Roman Catholic), and in
1605 he spearheaded a conspiracy to blow up Parliament when the King was in
attendance on 5 November of that year. The plot failed, because the kegs of
gunpowder stashed in the cellar got soaked when abnormal rains made the
Thames overflow. Fawkes and crew were exposed, tried in a kangaroo court,
and hanged. Had it succeeded, we might all be telling beads. North America
might be a Spanish minion. Progress toward democratic rule and civil
liberty would have been thwarted. The English monarchs would have been
replaced by Spanish or French cousins. The Puritans (including my own
ancestors) would have been eliminated.

So I think this is a significant day in American as well as English
history. Some find the hand of Providence in the wet gunpowder, but whether
that is true or not--and whether our institutions are perfect or not--it is
still relevant to--

Remember, remember
The Fifth of November

Now go light some fireworks!


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