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As Apollonius Rhodius makes abundantly clear, Talos is a lot scarier than
the quote lets on.

On Wed, Jan 28, 2015 at 5:56 PM, Hugh Richmond <hmr at berkeley.edu> wrote:

>  Miltonists may be interested in the following NYT report. More detail is
> found in the Blog at http://miltonrevealed.berkeley.edu/
> The Talos Principle (consolidated from NY Times Arts, 1/28/15: “Enticing
> All to See the Bigger Picture,” by Chris Suellentrop)
> “The Talos Principle was released in December 2014 by Croteam for Windows,
> Mac and Linux PCs. It prompts meditation on the meaning of life by
> quotations from Milton, Blake, Kant and Chesterton, among others, and
> expects you to piece them together to find why any of them matter. It
> begins with an amnesiac who awakens in a new world and attempts to make
> sense of it, including a disembodied voice telling you he is Elohim, the
> name given to God in the Hebrew Bible. There are references to a temple, a
> garden, a covenant, and promises of eternal life. The Talos Principle is
> about reading texts concealed behind gates of escalating complexity. The
> player can read these texts: poetry, philosophy, internet chats, etc.,
> which are engaging and thought-provoking. Even more rewarding is a player’s
> encounter with the Milton Library Assistant, the game’s rough equivalent to
> Eden’s serpent. Elohim forbids the player from climbing a tower that
> contains knowledge of the world beyond. The Assistant inside the terminal
> urges the player to ascend anyway. Like Satan in “Paradise Lost” the Milton
> Assistant is a more fascinating creature than the remote and inscrutable
> Elohim. This game is interested in the nature of artificial intelligence
> and asks that the player be proven to be a conscious being. In Greek
> mythology Talos was a giant made of bronze.”
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