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Miltonists may be interested in the following NYT report. More detail is 
found in the Blog at http://miltonrevealed.berkeley.edu/

The Talos Principle (consolidated from NY Times Arts, 1/28/15: "Enticing 
All to See the Bigger Picture," by Chris Suellentrop)

"The Talos Principle was released in December 2014 by Croteam for 
Windows, Mac and Linux PCs. It prompts meditation on the meaning of life 
by quotations from Milton, Blake, Kant and Chesterton, among others, and 
expects you to piece them together to find why any of them matter. It 
begins with an amnesiac who awakens in a new world and attempts to make 
sense of it, including a disembodied voice telling you he is Elohim, the 
name given to God in the Hebrew Bible. There are references to a temple, 
a garden, a covenant, and promises of eternal life. The Talos Principle 
is about reading texts concealed behind gates of escalating complexity. 
The player can read these texts: poetry, philosophy, internet chats, 
etc., which are engaging and thought-provoking. Even more rewarding is a 
player's encounter with the Milton Library Assistant, the game's rough 
equivalent to Eden's serpent. Elohim forbids the player from climbing a 
tower that contains knowledge of the world beyond. The Assistant inside 
the terminal urges the player to ascend anyway. Like Satan in "Paradise 
Lost" the Milton Assistant is a more fascinating creature than the 
remote and inscrutable Elohim. This game is interested in the nature of 
artificial intelligence and asks that the player be proven to be a 
conscious being. In Greek mythology Talos was a giant made of bronze."

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