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Thanks. The use of enjambment (all that carefully positioned falling) also
seems somewhat Miltonic.


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> I felt that you all would enjoy this poem. Since I couldn't get Poetry
> Daily to send it from their form, I'll take my chances with the copyright
> police and simply copy it into this email.
> The last stanza (?) is particularly Miltonic.
> Nancy Charlton
> Particular Falls
> Not as three strands of braided hair,
> being loosened, fall then together in waves
> to touch the shoulders; and not as a white-
> winged hawk releases and falls sinking
> on the wind until its wings swerve upward
> riding the current again toward the sun.
> Not the freefall that comes before
> the parachute spreads and opens above
> like a prayer and halts the plunge;
> and not the tumbling fall of an acrobat
> before he catches the trapeze his partner
> drops as she falls to catch his feet.
> Not any of those falls.
> And not the continual plummeting
> fall of mountain snowmelt creating icy
> weather in summer; nor the spider gliding
> down her string, floating more than falling
> in descent just as day falls and drifts
> in its own ways into night; and not as one falls
> with eyes closed into sleep where faith
> is with the falling; nor as one falls
> into love where riotous ascent begins
> simultaneous with the falling.
> But consider the falling that is immutable:
> the naked body of a nestling lying spilled
> and broken on the sidewalk; wind-felled fruit,
> sick odor of rotting pulp below the tree, slick
> mass oozing into earth; the cold, frightening
> stillness of those who lie fallen in battle.
> And remember the story of the bleakest
> fall, the fall of those who once were angels,
> who fell and fell into the deepest chasm
> of blindness, irredeemable, never to rise,
> never to hope to rise. Pity their god.
> PATTIANN ROGERS <http://poems.com/feature.php?date=16455>
> The Georgia Review <http://garev.uga.edu/>
> Winter 2014
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